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West Virginia Mountaineers @ TCU Horned Frogs

Disappointment Bowl 2013! The day where we find out if TCU is a team that only loses to top 25 teams or if the Frogs still could salvage a bowl bid out of this disaster of a season.

Save us Dreadlocked Superman
Save us Dreadlocked Superman
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There's a lot to learn from today's game- will Casey Pachall's return prompt an offensive explosion of 20, maybe even 25 points? Can TCU's defense fully shut down a poor offense, and maybe even score some points of their own? If not, things could go poorly for the Frogs yet again and we may be in for a long afternoon. With both teams looking so similar, who will do the little things necessary to pick up a crucial win and put off disappointment for at least one more week? We'll find out live, so join in for live comments and analysis from the FoW crew. West Virginia made the longest trip to Amon Carter stadium that anyone will take this year, that means we have an opportunity to give them an even longer ride home.

Let's beat the hell out of them.