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Simply Offensive and Indefensible: West Virginia 30, TCU 27 (OT)

The Frogs lose a game that they led for the first time this season, leaving TCU's season firmly in the "disaster" category.

West Virginia ran all over us, somehow.
West Virginia ran all over us, somehow.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

At first Casey was back and the offense looked effective, and I was like

But then I was like

And even in OT I never really re-inflated.So all in all, same old same old, except with the first half incompetence being replaced with second half incompetence.  West Virginia had 7 regulation points that didn't come from turnovers, the O-line had terrible holds and personal foul penalties that cost the frogs- while still not offering Casey even a modicum of protection, and TCU had some good success running the ball outside, only to completely abandon it.  Fire the OCs and let the new guy get started installing his offense ASAP- there aren't going to be any bowl practices to help with installation.