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Frogs O' War Weekend Picks: Week 13

The Frogs O' War Staff comes together again to pick this weekend's Big 12 games.

It's a bye week for TCU (WE CAN'T LOSE!!! WOOHOO!) but that doesn't mean we're taking the week off. The staff is here to predict what happens around the Big 12 this weekend.

Iowa State vs. Kansas

Marshall Weber

Iowa State 24, Kansas 14

Is it weird this is the one of hardest picks of the season? Kansas is just coming off of a huge win (for them at least) and Iowa State has played competitively all year but has yet to play a complete game. It’s a coin flip but Iowa State is due for a win.

spfleming (Let's all welcome him to the staff!)

Cyclones 24, Jayhawks 11
Iowa State is a much better team than their record suggests; I truly believe that "loss" against Texas just derailed a pretty solid team. Kansas might have some positive momentum, but there's only so much awful that momentum can cure. State by a touchdown. And you know what? This is a bad enough game that I have faith in the near impossible: That's right, and elevener.

Jamie Plunkett

Kansas 28, Iowa State 20



Kansas 31, Iowa State 21

Kansas made the right quarterback change and has gone to a very run heavy offense, Iowa State made what seems to be a bad decision in their quarterback change and has no identity at this point.

Kansas State vs. No. 20 Oklahoma

Marshall Weber

Kansas State 28, Oklahoma 20

Oklahoma seems to be half awake this season. Kansas State on the other hand, is firing on all cylinders right now. The win last week against the Frogs was another huge momentum boost for the Wildcats…I like them at home this Saturday.


Sooners 31, Cats 9
I do not foresee Oklahoma losing at home. Just plain and simple. The favorite holds, here.

Jamie Plunkett

Kansas State 27, Oklahoma 17
Kansas State is rolling and Oklahoma isn't great on offense this year. Also, Sooner seniors Damien Williams and Lacoltan Bester are suspended for this game.


Kansas State 37, Oklahoma 30
Kansas State is the actual home team (sorry spfleming) and with OU without several starters it's hard to pick the Sooners.  Kansas State runs on OU and stays in front, while OU's offense has too many hiccups to keep up.

No. 10 Oklahoma State vs. No. 4 Baylor

Marshall Weber

Baylor 56, Oklahoma State 53

In a lull week for the Big 12, this game more than makes up for it. With Gameday in Stillwater and the game on ABC, it’s going to be a great look the Big 12 having these two teams play in front of a national audience.

The Baylor defense steps up huge late in the fourth and get out of Stillwater with the biggest win in their program’s history, leap frog Ohio State in the BCS, and make some serious National Title noise. Sad face.


Cowboys 44, Bears 31
This is wishful thinking, but Cowboys burn Waco down.

Jamie Plunkett

Baylor 49, Oklahoma State 30

I think this game has the makings of an upset early, with Baylor turning it on late. I hate it, but Baylor is going full national championship contender on us this year.


Oklahoma State 48, Baylor 40

Baylor has struggled a bit both on the road and against top defense.  Oklahoma State has the best of both that the Bears have seen this season and they have a solid offense and top notch special teams play as well.  I'm feeling the upset here.