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TCU Has Interest in JUCO Recruit

Steve Bell, a wide receiver for Scottsdale Community College, has been in contact with the TCU staff and is trying to schedule a visit.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

As TCU's season is sprinting towards the finish line with no bowl game in sight, it seems appropriate that we begin wrangling up some recruiting news to wet everyone's whistles.

It's something that always happens behind the scenes during the season, but TCU, as with every school, has been working hard to put together a good 2014 class that can help the Frogs get back to their winning ways.

One target they have keyed in on is JUCO recruit Steve Bell, a wide receiver from Scottsdale Community College. According to Jonathan Wells of Burnt Orange Nation, Bell has been in contact with TCU's coaching staff and feels confident he will receive an offer. Bell has been unable to get to campus at this point, but is working to schedule a visit.

Bell is listed on the roster as being 6'1", 200 pounds, but some say he's probably a little taller. You can tell by watching his film that he does in fact look taller than his listed height.

Bell currently has 24 receptions for 481 yards and six touchdowns, good for fourth on his team. These numbers seem low for a JUCO recruit, but in such a prolific passing offense as Scottsdale's, the ball gets spread around quite a bit.

Along with TCU, Bell has been in talks with Arizona.