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Waymon James removed from TCU Roster

For anyone (read: me) hoping that Waymon James would return for senior day against Baylor, it's time to let it go.

No running away from this, Waymon.
No running away from this, Waymon.

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Waymon James has been removed from the TCU roster.  If this turns out to be accurate it is a pathetic end to the career of one of the best running backs to come through Fort Worth in the past decade.  James was TCU's leading rusher in the Rose Bowl and the "closer" of the three headed running back for his first two years in purple, entering the game in the fourth quarter and bludgeoning tired defenses en route to a massive YPC to close games out.  James was also putting together an incredible run in his first two games at running back last year, averaging an incredible 9 ypc through the first two games before tearing his ACL.  It is still not entirely clear what the violation of team rules is, but for it to spell the end of a senior's career means that it was almost certainly more than just flipping off Jarrett Anderson and Rusty Burns for failure to utilize him.  We'll bring you more on this as it develops as we hopefully find out the reasons behind Waymon's fall from grace.

Go Frogs.