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Baylor Hate Week: Bye Bye Bears

It's Baylor hate week, the last week of the season, and we saved the greatest amount of hate for last. All of the FOW Staff chimes in with things they hate about the Bears.

Ronald Martinez

Jamie Plunkett

Baylor. Where dancing is a new revelation and PDA is equal to burning the Good Book. Nestled between a series of dumpsters and a festering river in the heart of Waco, the private Baptist university has long been the running joke of Texas college football. Having never won a Big 12 championship, or a conference championship of any kind since owning a share of the SWC title in 1994, Baylor is, to put it nicely, the underachiever of the group.

That was, until a recent string of success has ballooned the ego of Baylor fans to an unbearably large size.

The Bears saw their perfect season and national championship hopes all come crashing to the ground as they took a serious thumping at the hands of Oklahoma State. While it was fun to watch, I could only think of how magical it would have been had that loss been at the hands of TCU.I don't count the Frogs out in this game, simply because it's Baylor.

With all the success the Bears have had recently, they're still only 1-4 against the Frogs in the last five meetings.

Marshall Weber

It might take Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Ellen Page, and JGL team to figure out why I hate Baylor so much. But since my chances of getting Incepted are quite slim, I’ll just have to figure it out for myself.

The Baylor Line-Who in their right mind wakes up one day and thinks “Man wearing this vibrant yellow mesh crop top with dinosaur green lettering is a great way to cheer on my team!”

Living the dream of purity and sobriety one day at a time.

The Tarp-TCU’s game attendance is mediocre at best, but never let a Baylor fan give you hell for it when they have a tarp to ‘hide’” their lack of attendance. We don’t hide our disgraceful attendance and certainly don’t cover it up like newspaper on a puddle of dog piss.

David Murphy-I think this one explains itself.

Waco-Even if you ignore David Koresh and his unique group of friends, Waco is still insanely unpleasant. When I drive through Waco I just hold my breath and close my eyes. Even while driving. The food is not only vastly overrated but it’s borderline terrible. If you think George’s or Health Camp actually have decent burgers…get your head examined. Both taste like Burger King that was left on your dashboard over Memorial Day weekend. Even worse than the taste of these dirt burgers, is when your ‘friends’ from Baylor foist them up on you.

RGIII and Videos Like This (Mostly the comments)

I mean, the TCU fan acted like a huge bozo and kicking a kid when he’s down is about as a lame as it gets, but this was after RGIII threw out some major trash talk and got beat 45-10. Just leveling the playing field up.

· Adam Schindler:“I hope he got a TCU Rose Bowl jersey when he got the chance”

Enjoy throwing away/using your Cotton Bowl shirt as a gym shirt after playing Mizzou/Auburn

· EsSports:“Don’t f with Coach Katz, u tub o Lard”.

Yeah! Fatty!

· BaylorFan27: “TCU the classless assholes of Texas should we even count them as a part of Texas they are like the ugly stepchild u never talk about”

I don’t want to live a world full of confusing run-on sentences anyway do I no I don’t think I do. Secede!

· Speegs23:“Wonder what he thinks of the Big 12 now that TCU is a doormat in it and Baylor is a top 5 team”

Way to shoot your wad sooner than Kenny Powers at a Sunday BBQ.

· 91Bear: Trash-talking in the video and now half the team is busted for selling/doing drugs. Way to go, TCU. Looking good. #sicembears

TIL---4 is half of 125. Oh well, at least Baylor hasn’t had anyone who’s dealt drugs or had an athletic team with a murder controversy.

This post has been brought to you by the late night Taco Bell drive through. #BayLoL.


I do not so much hate the Baylor Bears as I do look down on them. Their grasping at straws attempt at greatness is just awful. Their success has never been anything of substance, never been anything other than circumstantial, never been anything, never been. They are an insecure eighth grade girl, desperate to validate themselves to their peers by taking dimly lit selfies on Instagram and making fun of sixth graders. They wear trendy clothes six months after they go out of style, and they lie about who is texting them on Friday (they promise, their boyfriend really does go to another school and he already has a car and he said he loves them). Baylor is never going to be the prom queen, but throughout her high school years, she will lie about sleeping around, getting drunk at her cool boyfriend's party (guys he's REAL, I PROMISE), posting moody away statuses on AIM, and tYpInG aLl thEiR TeXtS LiKe tHiS. Go Frogs.