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The Baylor Pregame Sacrifice

We all want to beat Baylor on Saturday, but other than going to the game and being loud how can we help the Frogs win? Divine intervention.

Get ready to toss some personal comforts onto the fire
Get ready to toss some personal comforts onto the fire

Baylor is having what may go down as their greatest season in school history, despite last weeks loss to OSU, while TCU is having a season that will rank with 2004 as the worst season of the Gary Patterson era.  Baylor also ranks ahead of TCU in just about every statistical category, even several of the defensive ones (like tackles for loss) and has an offensive coordinator that seems to have a clear understanding of the mythical "run-eeng backs" that TCU seems to recruit but never use.  In other words, TCU is going to need a lot of help if the Frogs are going to pull off one of the seasons biggest upsets and send the Bears back to Waco with a loss to knock them out of the Big 12 championship picture no matter what occurs in Bedlam next week.  That's where we come in.

Since time immemorial, humans have made sacrifices to attempt to ensure desirable results, whether it be for a good harvest, marriage, luck on the eve of battle or any number of things.  Even in modern times most religions have some period of sacrifice where you give up something you would otherwise enjoy to gain favor.  To help tilt the odds to favor our beloved frogs a bit, please join us in the comment section with the sacrifice that you're willing to make (and for how long) if TCU is victorious over Baylor on Saturday.  Be as creative, silly, or serious as you like- anything to get fate on our side is appreciated, and make sure to rec any sacrifices that you are particularly impressed with.  The team needs every bit of help they can get on Saturday, so let's give them all we can.

Go Frogs!