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Postgame Analysis: West Virginia 30, TCU 27 (OT)

The FoW staff checks in with their thoughts on TCU's latest loss, this one at home to the West Virginia Mountaineers

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From the moment Trevone Boykin fumbled on the two yard line right after what should have been a back breaking interception by the defense, I knew it was only a matter of time.  Granted, it was a bit more time than I expected- Overtime, even- but the momentum swung so wildly on that play that to me they might as well have called the end, for a variety of reasons.  TCU and West Virginia had been battering each other with little effect through the second half of the second quarter and all of the third quarter, but West Virginia was staying in the game due to TCU's stubborn refusal to even attempt a running game and seemingly desperate desire to have Trevone Boykin back at quarterback again by having Casey Pachall killed by the West Virginia defense.

Suddenly the Frogs were set up by a wonderful almost pick 6 that Paul Dawson returned all the way down to the two yard line- given the game at that point, a touchdown might have resulted in either a quarterback change or a breaking of wills for the West Virginia defense that had played so well through the middle frames.  And TCU sends out... Trevone Boykin on first and goal from the two for his first snap of the game at QB.  You have three plays to get two yards, and not only does Waymon James not sniff the field, but you take Casey Pachall off the field and put the game on the shoulders of the shellshocked Trevone Boykin, allowing the WVU defense to creep up off of the wide receivers, because obviously if Boykin is in there for the first time we're not going to throw it- they swarm and Boykin drops the ball.  Instead of West Virginia's defense breaking they draw new strength and the offense is let off the hook for their mistake, turning the game around.

I don't blame Trevone Boykin for fumbling- much like the staff stubbornly running Skye Dawson out last year and Brandon Carter out this year again and again, the fault lies with the staff for expecting something different from a player whose confidence has been shot repeatedly this year from being put in a position to fail.  So yes, the defense played poorly (particularly against the run), the offensive line dropped the ball, Casey threw a bad ball- all true, but the game was lost when Anderson and Burns trotted Boykin out on first and goal- and the chances for a bowl now hinge on winning two straight road games followed by upsetting a top 25 Baylor program.  At least a winter spent at home not practicing will give Patterson plenty of time to get out there and find a new coordinator or two who might have half a clue.


This team is bad. There is not going to be a bowl game this year. The repercussions of such a season cannot be understated, and at this point are unknown. Unfortunately, that is the scary part.

Think about how much this season hurts... Then imagine a certain five star offensive lineman not coming to TCU because he simple things the team sucks.

I don't know who to blame, I am frankly tired of blaming people. I just want this shit fixed. The problem is... That isn't going to happen this season.

The more I heard color analyst Dan Hawkins talk about the defensive coordinator head coach making conservative (and wrong) in game decisions last night, the more I realized that the #1 and most important thing that needs to happen this offseason is Gary needing to have a come to Joseph Smith moment. He needs to get the right coordinators in place, the right talent, and he needs to forget about playing the game as a defense first and instead be a head coach, balancing both weapons he has at his disposal.

Chances of that happening? I am giving it 20%.