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Weekend Warzone: Big 12 Roundup Week 10

Four games this week including a clash of top 25 teams, check out Farmaggedon's results as well as see the week's upset .

The Scoreboard gets kind of sad
The Scoreboard gets kind of sad
Trey Fallon

Kansas State Wildcats 41, Iowa State Cyclones 7

Kansas State continues its transformation from FCS whipping boy to dangerous team, showing their evolved offense's efficiency against Iowa State, who continued to be trapped in the gears of the Big 12 conference schedule, slowly being ground down a little bit more every week, with this week's result putting to rest any hope the Cyclones had of continuing their bowl streak.  The Wildcats two quarterback system appears to be paying dividends as once again both Jake Waters and Daniel Sams completed over 60% of their passes, didn't throw a pick and were very effective on the ground as well, rolling up a combined 89 rushing yards on twenty attempts from the QB position alone.  Their effectiveness set up a big day on the ground for running back John Hubert who had a nice day even removing the 54 yard run that boosted his average.  The Wildcats defense seems greatly improved as well, forcing three interceptions while holding the Cyclones QBs to below 50% combined completions and collecting a pair of sacks, pitching a shutout until just under four minutes left.  The good news is that Iowa State looked dreadful and will have no tangible bowl hopes next week when TCU comes to town.  The bad news... TCU travels to Kansas State the week after, with the Wildcats likely needing a win to assure themselves of their own bowl bid with only two games remaining against opposition outside the current top 25.
Staff Picks: Everyone picked K-State, HawkeyedFrog picked a 31 point margin- very close to perfect.
Next week: Kansas State- @ Texas Tech, Iowa State- TCU

Texas Longhorns 31, Kansas Jayhawks 13

There's a line exchange from The Lion King that I think suits the Texas Longhorns season well.  "I think you're a little confused."  "I'm confused?  You don't even know who you are."  "And you do?"  "Sure I do.  You're Mufasa's boy."  This is the spark that Simba needs to reaffirm his identity after a loss of someone incredibly important to him.  Texas lost quarterback David Ash, but after doing so they seemed to rediscover their identity- Texas is a power running team- they get the most talented linemen, the most talented running backs and are well suited to playing the role of the big dog.  Texas ran the ball at will against Kansas, and it opened up the entire game for them- Case McCoy had a mostly efficient performance, throwing two picks but otherwise having an efficient day, leading the Horns to a third down conversion rate of better than 50%.  How did he do that, you ask?  Because Texas ran the ball with Malcolm Brown and Johnathan Gray consistently well, delivering second and medium, second and short, third and medium and third and short time and time again.  The Longhorns know who they are, and who they are is a damn scary football team.  They only had to throw Manny Diaz to the Hyenas to do it.
Also, Kansas is bad.
Staff Picks: Everyone picked Texas by a sizable margin, but kudos to guest picker FroggieStyle for being just a few points off, picking UT to win 35-14
Next week: Texas- @ West Virginia, Kansas- @ Oklahoma State

Oklahoma St. Cowboys 52, Texas Tech Red Raiders 34

Man, I didn't see that coming.  Oklahoma State ran over Texas Tech despite the Raiders outgaining the Cowboys significantly and even cashing in a Clint Chelf interception for a pick 6.  The Raiders had 35 first downs to Oklahoma State's 24, but struggled on third and fourth down, converting on just four of seventeen attempts, leading to the general stalling of the Tech offense.  The Cowboys on the other hand went 2-2 on fourth down and crushed the Raiders on the ground, scoring five rushing touchdowns and opening things up for Clint Chelf to collect another two passing touchdowns.  To win in Lubbock you have to be a lot better than Tech, and Oklahoma State not only won, they dominated the Red Raiders.  Fortunately we've played both of these teams, so they can do as they please.
Staff Picks: Patrick was the only one to pick the Cowboys, so he gets to strut around.  Or he would if the TCU game hadn't sent him into a depression.
Next week: Oklahoma State- Kansas, Texas Tech- Kansas State

West Virginia Mountaineers 30, TCU Horned Frogs 27 (OT)

The reasons why TCU lost were the same as ever, they just came in a different order.  Look back on any other recap this season and most of it applies to this one as well, just in reverse.  I hate everything.
Staff Picks: FroggieStyle and I got suckered in to picking the Frogs again, Patrick and Jamie knew better.
Next week: TCU- @ Iowa State, West Virginia- Texas