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TCU Horned Frogs vs Harvard Crimson- Great Alaska Shootout Championship

TCU is in a championship game against a team that's made the NCAA Tournament the past two years. Okay, let's ignore that last bit and focus on the first part of the sentence. TCU is in a championship game!

Amric Fields is very good at basketball
Amric Fields is very good at basketball
Kent Horner

Let's put aside the results of yesterday's football game for a minute (much easier for me, because as I'm writing this it hasn't been played yet) and pay attention to the basketball team for a bit! I know it's not the easiest thing in the world to do, but TCU's basketball team is actually worthy of attention so far this year- they're playing a more interesting brand of basketball (not taking the air out of the ball and dribbling at least 20 seconds of the shot clock before starting a play) and have some pretty talented players- Amric Fields may make an all-Big 12 team if he stays healthy, and the young freshman have a lot of raw talent. We even have some guys who can make free throws!

Today we're taking on a Harvard Crimson team that is possibly the best coached team in the nation. TCU should have an edge in athletes, so it will be all about discipline if the Frogs are going to collect the Great Alaska Shootout Title. Yes, it's a silly title, but it would be kind of amazing for this team to be the champion of something. Let's do it!