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#9 Baylor Bears @ TCU Horned Frogs

The TCU Horned Frogs close out the 2013 Football season at home against the archrival Baylor Bears

Let's see a lot of this
Let's see a lot of this
Layne Murdoch

Today's game will be the final game of TCU's season, no matter the result, closing out a sad season for TCU. Still, there's a world of things to play for- today is senior day, which means the last game for favorite sons Casey Pachall, Elisha Olabode and Jason Verrett to be wearing purple, barring a pro career in Baltimore. These guys have given us some spectacular memories over the years, winning @ Boise to trash their BCS hopes, making the Big 12 debut, blowing out Baylor in Waco and winning on the road in Austin. The past years have been quite a journey, from the high of the Rose Bowl and the Big 12 invitation to the lows of the drug bust, DUI and... entire 2013 season. Still, the last time we see Casey's Legion-of-Doom-esque eyeblack, Jason Verrett's flowing dreads or Elisha Olabode's... not getting beaten deep (the best safeties are the ones you don't notice all the time) will be a sad moment, so it would be much better to see it in a win.

Then there's the other half of what makes this game so important- the Baylor part. The team that TCU has played more than any other (and today's game will move TCU/Baylor past A&M/Baylor as the most played game for Baylor as well), as well as being the most even rivalry in college sports at 51-50-7. This week has seen, in addition to the normal preview and keys to the game, a hate week special and a lent-style sacrifice thread to ensure victory over Baylor- suffice to say the rivalry is a big deal. The fact that Baylor is in the middle of its best season ever and is angling to catch a share of its first conference championship since the SWC broke up would just make it all the sweeter to beat them, but the added incentive is almost irrelevant. We're TCU, they're Baylor. We'll want to beat them just as badly if they were 0-11 as if they were 11-0, and that's the way we need to play this game.

It's Revivalry time.

Go Frogs.