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Postgame Analysis: Baylor 41, TCU 38

The FoW crew breaks down the last heartbreak from TCU's season to forget.

Just stick out your arms and you're there, Carter.  I hate you.
Just stick out your arms and you're there, Carter. I hate you.
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Well thank goodness this season is over.  TCU managed to take years off my life, as well as pull me back in to caring time and again, despite all my protests that they wouldn't suck me in again.  The ultimate Jekyll and Hyde performance by TCU's offense, as they gifted Baylor 21(!) points off of bad turnovers while also showing that they can be competent if they get the right call.  A little bit of creativity on offense (the Boykin pass play was the first play this season where I've thought "What a great playcall!") and success running the ball by B.J. Catalon and Jordan Moore was overshadowed by playcaller Jarrett Anderson's stubborn insistence to go deep on the right side time after time after time to the point where even a notoriously forgiving announcing crew was asking what the hell was going on with the playcalls.  Time and again TCU's defense dug the offense out of the holes that they dug for themselves, but yet again the Frogs offense could not get into position to win the game or tie it, as Brandon Carter hung Casey out to dry for his third pick of the game that ended things without letting Oberkrom send it to overtime.  I sincerely hope that, as Patterson said, we will have quick and decisive action with the offensive coaching staff, because I can't believe that any player is going to be jonesing to play for the Anderson/Burns attack in 2014.  As TCU's season ends in November for the first time since 2004- heads need to roll.  There will be appreciation posts for all of our seniors to come on Frogs O' War, but if the axe comes down on our OCs, no such posts will be forthcoming for them.  Next year however, 8 returning starters on defense (and the return of Devonte Fields), 9 returning starters on offense (depending on how you count Waymon James) and no expectations from the media.  Not from me- do big things, TCU, you're better than this.

And it would be remiss of me to not point out- Brandon Carter is goat of the game by a mile.  Responsible for the pick that ended the game, responsible for one of Casey's picks being a pick 6 with only token pursuit.  We've all seen your jets, Brandon, there is no excuse at all for you not making up the two yards of separation.

Jamie Plunkett

I'm not going to go as hard on Brandon Carter as Hawk did because, well, Hawk said it very well, and I'm over Brandon Carter.

I'm going to think all offseason about what this game would have been like had TCU not gift-wrapped 21 points to Baylor. Think about that for a second. 21 of Baylor's 41 points required 1 yard of offense to get.

The defense played out of their mind, I don't think anyone can dispute that. They held Baylor's offense to a season low 370 yards of offense. That's the lowest output for the Bears this year by 76 yards (they had 446 vs. Kansas State, 453 vs. Oklahoma State). Verrett secured his first round pick by holding Baylor's #1 stud to one catch for 12 yards.

It's nice to know that Anderson and Burns can't fart away any more games this season, and believe me, they're a huge part of the reason for this loss tonight.

Running a reverse from our own 20 with a lead? Stupid.

Not getting plays in on time and being forced to use two timeouts in the third quarter? Stupid.

Running up the gut with the wrong back (as Hawk elegantly pointed out)? Stupid.

Running the same fly route down the right sideline that worked all of twice, one of which was a pass interference call? Stupid.

Jarrett Anderson is stupid. Ridiculously stupid. Can't wait for him to clean out his desk.

As far as Pachall is concerned, I tip my hat to him. He had a crap year instead of a redeeming one, as we all hoped for. He threw three picks tonight and never looked good all year. Best of luck to him as he moves on.

We'll need to get the QB situation figured out quickly, because Boykin is not the full time answer, and these receivers (outside of Carter) have gobs of talent. Porter, Doctson and Story are going to be serious threats in 2014 if TCU can find someone to get them the ball.

But, we'll break down the needs for next year in a little while. For now, let's just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fact that we don't have to see anymore poop on the field for a season.

The rest of the FoW crew will edit in their responses and analysis to the game as the day/weekend goes on, so continue to check this post and thanks for sticking with us here on Frogs O' War in a very trying season.  Don't wander off, guys, let's make our basketball and baseball seasons as enjoyable as possible