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Monday Morning Quarterback: November 4th, 2013

Are you getting tired of doing this yet? Yea, we are too.

Monday Morning Quarterback
Monday Morning Quarterback
Frogs O' War

Hawkeyed Frog


Casey Pachall is a really good quarterback who did everything that could reasonably be asked of him. He stood in the pocket, delivered quickly and with confidence, spread the ball around and didn't avoid receivers who had dropped passes earlier in the game/last week. His broken arm didn't give him the opportunity to be the huge redemption story that he deserves to be, but he's certainly solidified his legacy with his performance on West Virginia that saw him hit repeatedly (over thirty times) without losing his cool. The season may have been a very different one with Casey at the helm the whole way, but rather than dwell on that I'm going to enjoy the few remaining games we have left in his career. Also, we didn't drop a punt, huzzah!


The offense doesn't surprise me anymore, but man I was shocked by how poorly the defense played. It didn't seem they were on the field nearly as long as usual, but West Virginia was able to run the ball on us fairly consistently- the first time I can remember that happening since 2007 @ Texas. It may have just been a bad week, or it may have just been the first sign of the TCU defense quitting on the sputtering and inconsistent offense, in which case the season may as well end. Also what's it going to take for us to get a pick 6 this year? TCU had two great opportunities, one called back by a questionable hold on Jason Verrett away from the ball and one that was returned to the two only to see Boykin fumble on the next play.


Casey is a great competitor, as I mentioned in "The Good" but holy crap did the offensive coordinators hang him out to dry in this one. Pathetic coordination is nothing new this season, but the refusal to keep a running back in to help Casey with the pressure with any regularity was baffling even for then. We've only just got Casey back guys, adjust the scheme so that Casey doesn't die- it's not like it's going to work anyway, but at least everyone will survive.

Jamie Plunkett

The Good
Man, the offense looked decent in the first half. One batted ball interception in the first half, and Pachall had over 200 yards passing, two touchdowns, and it looked like the Frogs had finally found a groove. Meanwhile, the defense was shutting down West Virginia. Life was good. I think I even tweeted that football was fun again. Famous last words.

The Bad
The second half was awful. Three straight turnovers on offense led to 17 West Virginia points. The defense was terrible, getting gashed for huge chunks of yards through the air, making Clint Trickett look more like Aaron Rodgers than himself. The offensive line was probably the worst I've seen it, as Pachall got hit over and over and over all game long. There were at least four or five times where he got slammed to the ground on his bad arm.

The Possibility of 3-9

No one wants to talk about it. Rather, we all want to suggest that there's still the possibility of a bowl game. Folks, we're more likely to lose out than to get to a bowl. The Frogs have to go to Ames, where Iowa State is very hard to play, and Manhattan, where Kansas State semi-shut down Baylor's offense. Think they'll have trouble with ours? Oh, and speaking of Baylor, we still have to play them too. That's going to be fun. And by fun, I mean not fun.