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B.J. Catalon Out, Verrett Questionable for Iowa State

During Patterson's press conference Tuesday he noted that several key players may be ruled out for Saturday's game vs. Iowa State.

Justin K. Aller

As if things weren't bad enough, it now looks like the Frogs could be missing several key players for Saturday's game against Iowa State.

Also, on the topic of Waymon James, it seems like Patterson is upset with how the news of his suspension came out.

It sounds like Patterson was still debating whether or not to suspend James, or when he was going to begin the suspension. News leaking from other offices does him no favors.

Either way, Stevenson nailed it in another tweet stating that Jordan Moore would probably get a big opportunity in the Iowa State game. On top of that, Aaron Green will as well.

Granted, all of this is about our running backs, the most underutilized unit on the team.

However, ff Verrett can't play, that leaves Kevin White to cover Quenton Bundrage, Iowa State's best receiver, who is completely capable of finding a way to get open. That could lead to problems, as Bundrage is averaging 15 yards per catch and has six touchdowns on the year.

The wheels are squarely off the cart at this point, so we'll see how things play out.