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Frogs O' War Staff Picks: Week 11


We're back with another week of picks. WHO DARES TO PICK THE FROGS?!

No. 6 Baylor vs. No. 10 Oklahoma

Fungo Frog

No. 6 Baylor 45 vs. No. 10 Oklahoma 24

We are going to find out tonight if Baylor really is who we think they are. I have my doubts, but in all likelihood they are good enough to get the job done and OU's offense won't be good enough to keep up. Should be a fun night in Waco regardless.


No. 10 Oklahoma 28, No. 6 Baylor 49:

Just about everything goes right for the Bears tonight in Waco. If the Sooners want to win, they’re going to have to run the ball and take time away from the Baylor offense. That will be difficult without Fullback Trey Millard. We all know what Baylor can do on offense with Heisman contenders Bryce Petty and Lache Seastrunk, but the unsung hero for the Bears this season has been its defense. The blackout works and Baylor gets its biggest Big 12 win yet.

Jamie Plunkett

No. 6 Baylor 56, No. 10 Oklahoma 35

Baylor will run away with this one before the Sooners start to come back. However, Bryce Petty and Lache Seastrunk get it done with two more scores in the fourth quarter to put Oklahoma on ice. Baylor is for real, and they put some of the doubters to bed with this win.


No. 10 Oklahoma 48, No. 6 Baylor 31

That's right, not only am I picking the Sooners, but I'm picking them to win rather handily.  We saw BU's struggles against K-State's dual threat quarterbacks and Blake Bell is worlds better at delivering the ball and extending plays in a Roethlisberger-esque fashion.  The Bears don't score on their first two possessions and the Sooners do, taking the vigor out of the stands early, and the OU running game keeps the Sooners on the field and the BU offense out of rhythm.

#14 Oklahoma State vs. Kansas

Fungo Frog

#14 Oklahoma State 56 vs. Kansas 7



Kansas 13, No. 14 Oklahoma State 56:

Last week in Lubbock, Oklahoma State looked like the team that was picked by many to win the Big 12. The Cowboys have finally found their groove offensively with quarterback Clint Chelf and running back Desmond Roland. Oklahoma State decimates the lowly Jayhawks and gains some momentum in their quest to sneak a Big 12 title from Baylor.

Jamie Plunkett

No. 14 Oklahoma State 42, Kansas 17

Kansas, for all that has been said about how bad they are, has a decent defense. They hold Oklahoma State at bay for a while, before the Cowboys decide it's time to put the game away.


No. 14 Oklahoma State 52, Kansas 24

Kansas will lead this game before Oklahoma State gets their ducks in a row and turn the Jayhawks into a blue and red smear.

#25 Texas Tech vs. Kansas State

Fungo Frog

#25 Texas Tech 33 vs. Kansas State 17

Texas Tech is good, not great, but good... I think they get back to their roots in this game, should be a W in Manhattan.


Kansas State 31, No. 25 Texas Tech 24:

This is the sleeper pick of the week.

Defensively, Kansas State has been business as usual. The Wildcats don’t slouch when it comes to playing high-potent offensives as they held Lache Seastrunk and Baylor to season lows a few weeks ago. Not to mention their offense highlighted by receiver Tyler Lockett and quarterbacks Daniel Sams and Jake Waters has been great as of late. As for Tech, it seems their magic is running out and they’re looking like the typical 7-5 Red Raider team we’re so used to seeing. The Cats take this one in Lubbock.

Jamie Plunkett

No. 24 Texas Tech 35, Kansas State 27

Kansas State pulls to within one score late, but Tech recovers the onside kick and runs out the clock. Tech rights the ship, but they're no longer a threat to win the conference.


Kansas State 39, No. 24 Texas Tech 34

The Wildcats pull off the victory, showing what a dual threat quarterback and solid running backs can do to a team like Tech's.  Don't watch this game if you want to try feeling good about our performance against Tech.

West Virginia vs. Texas

Fungo Frog

West Virginia 27 vs. Texas 12
Texas goes down, the Big 12 burns..


Texas 31, West Virginia 17:

Despite their lackluster start, it’s surprising the Horns still remain unranked. New (sort of) Defensive Coordinator Greg Robinson has been the key for Texas’ turnaround. The Mountaineers nip at Texas’ heels in the first three quarters to make it interesting in Morgantown, but Texas’ stellar running back duo of Malcolm Brown and Jonathan Gray lift them late in the game.

Jamie Plunkett

Texas 42, West Virginia 7

As much as I hate it, Texas is for real. They shut down West Virginia and are one step closer to an end of season matchup with Baylor for the conference title.


Texas 30, West Virginia 7

A familiar score for a familiar game.  Texas does everything to West Virginia that we wished we would have done- run well, run often, complete high percentage passes and get pressure on the quarterback.  The result is the Longhorns dominate and West Virginia will need to rally to reach a bowl.

Iowa State vs. TCU

Fungo Frog

Iowa State 10 vs. TCU 24

TCU wins and looks good doing it, Jordan Moore shows he is a man amongst boys, and fans suddenly begin to believe we have a chance. Yea right.


TCU 27, at Iowa State 10:

Last year’s game against Iowa State in Fort Worth came a few days after Casey Pachall’s DUI and it’s been a downward trajectory for Frogs ever since. With some vintage Pachall on display, Oberkrom’s leg, and another stellar defensive performance, the Frogs gain a little dignity back and get some revenge on the Cyclones in Ames.

Jamie Plunkett

Iowa State 23, TCU 16

TCU hasn't given me any reasons to think they'll win this game. We heard about how bad WVU's defense was, and look at what happened last week. Our defense pooped everywhere.This is a long season, getting longer with the loss.


Iowa State 20, TCU 13

I have a sneaking suspicion that this team is about to quit.  They should win this game, even with Casey Pachall passing 70 times to 0 rushing attempts, but I just don't see it happening.  Iowa State hangs around and goes ahead late to keep TCU firmly in the shame spiral.