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Keys to the Game: TCU @ Iowa State

TCU is trying desperately to remain above 9th in the conference. A win here does that.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Frogs, oh the Frogs. How I miss the days where the keys to the game weren't so obvious. Alas, those days are gone.

1. Block

The TCU offensive line has been horrendous the past few games, and there were times where I didn't think Casey was getting up against West Virginia. If Iowa State can get pressure like that, it doesn't matter how bad their secondary is, we won't be able to move the ball.

2. Run

This probably won't happen, now that B.J. Catalon and Waymon James are both out for this game with an injury and suspension, respectively. However, if it does, be ready for the Jordan Moore and Aaron Green show. Both guys are perfectly capable of gashing an offense for big yards, but neither will get much of a chance. This comes down to blocking again, to a degree, as it seems like the biggest runs happen when our backs see that the holes have closed and they bounce outside.

3. Shut down Quenton Bundrage

The Frogs defense really let us all down against the Mountaineers after the offense finally showed some signs of life. Without Jason Verrett in this game the pressure falls on Kevin White to shut down Iowa State's best receiver. If he can't do it, the Cyclones may actually be able to put up some points on the Frogs.

4. Pressure Sam Richardson

If the Frogs can get to Richardson and rattle him, this will be a quick game. He tends to scramble too early once he's been hit a few times, and force passes into coverage.