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On the Recruiting Trail: December 10th

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Considering The Frogs:

Steven Parker II

Position: Safety

Twitter: @Lil_Stevie21

Height/Weight: 6-2, 175

High School: Jenks (Oklahoma)


· ESPN: 4 Star, 83 grade, ranked 200thoverall nationally

· Rivals: 4 Star, ranked 47thoverall nationally

· Scout: 4 Star, 18thranked safety

· 247: 4 Star

Also considering: Oklahoma, Texas A&M

Report: Parker II is a very versatile safety with great range and speed. But Parker’s greatest strength is arguably his remarkable coverage skills and is the kind of ballhawk that the Patterson defense loves. Parker serves as a brilliant last line of defense and his ability to read plays is impeccable.

Parker doesn’t have any standout weaknesses, but his run defense isn’t particularly explosive. However, his speed allows him to be quick to his man and he also pursues very well from backside angles. At 175 pounds, Parker’s a bit thin right now for the college level, but that’s something that can easily be fixed.

A lot of people are saying Parker will wind up at Oklahoma, with A&M biting at the heels and TCU a ways behind that. But Parker not ruling out the Frogs is a victory in itself especially with Jimmie Swain decommiting last week and Arlington Bowie linebacker Edwin Freeman recently ruling out the Frogs.

The Highlight Reel:

Tony Fields

Position: Safety

Twitter: @TFieldsSuper6

Height/Weight: 5-11, 205

High School: Godby (Tallahassee, Florida)


· ESPN: 79 grade, 3 Star

· Rivals: 3 Star

· Scout: 2 Star

· 247: 3 Star

Also Considering: Mizzou, Indiana, Michigan State, Indiana, Georgia Tech

Report: From ESPN: "Lacks a few inches of desired height and ideal speed but Fields is a darn good football player with a fast, physical and smart style that will attract a lot of attention. Ideal fit may be in a hybrid type role close to the box at the college level. Should excel on special teams as well."

If that doesn’t say Gary Patterson defender, I don’t know what does. Based on that description alone, Fields draws up a lot of comparisons to both Jason Verrett and Chris Hackett. The better of players of the Gary Patterson-Era have seemed to be under-the-radar kids with a chip on their shoulder. Fields is an ideal get for the Frogs. Another plus is that, based on other schools he’s considering, he doesn’t seem to have any qualms playing out of state.

The Highlight Reel:

Future Frogs: The Commits.

Grayson Muehlstein

Position: Quarterback

Twitter: @Graysonm5

Height/Weight: 6-4, 200

High School: Decatur (TX)


· ESPN: 79 grade, 3 Star

· Rivals: 3 Star

· Scout: 3 Star

· 247: 3 Star

Report: Mechanics aren’t ideal, but he’s notably efficient passing the ball. A lot of scouts point out that Muehlstein needs improvement in his balance. However, he’s still rather accurate considering and most notably excels at leading his receivers on longer, outside routes and short crosses. But perhaps the biggest thing Muehlstein brings to the table is his toughness. He isn’t afraid to stay in the pocket and runs the ball with a lot of power, confidence and grit. Think Big Ben.

The Highlight Reel: