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On The Recruiting Trail: December 6th

Five big names on campus this's a little about them

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

This is a big weekend for TCU recruiting as five great names will be on a campus for their visit. As a side note, TCU's expected to formally hire Doug Meacham as well.

Considering The Frogs:

Frank Iheanacho

Position: Tight End/WR

Height/Weight: 6’7", 220

High School: Westside (Houston)

Twitter: @Nacho23_


· ESPN: 4 Star, 84 grade, ranked 89th nationally

· Rivals: 4 Star, ranked 165th nationally

· Scout: 4 Star, 17th Ranked Receiver

· 247 Sports: 4 Star

Also considering: Texas, Texas A&M, Florida State, Vanderbilt, LSU, and Mizzou

Report: Iheanacho came late to the recruiting smorgasbord, but ever since, he’s been a coveted prospect. He’s a superb athlete with even better hands and ESPN/Scout point out that if he stays at receiver, his use draws a lot of comparisons to Texas receiver and big time play-maker, Mike Evans.

Who knows what Iheanacho would’ve thought a week ago before the Meacham hire. But Meacham’s offense could make a strong pitch. Our receivers are a plenty, but having someone as versatile as he is, especially who could play some tight end, would be a major plus.

The Highlight Tape:

Derrick Neal

Position: Receiver/DB

Height/Weight: 5’10", 155

High School: Dallas Lincoln


· ESPN: Three Star, 74 Grade

· Scout: 2 Star

· 247 Sports: 3 Star

Overview: Neal gets a lot of love from scouts because of his speed and ability to make a big play. However there’s a lot of concern over his size and is thus why many schools have overlooked him. Sounds like a GP player if I’ve ever heard one.

Also, sources have indicated that if Neal is offered, he will commit. Brilliant.

The Highlight Tape: Sadly only YouTube videos work, but all his football highlights can be found here. But in the meantime, enjoy this. Dare we say...two-sport athlete?

Braden Smith

Position: Offense line

Height/Weight: 6’6", 275

High School: Olathe South Sr. (Olathe, Kansas)


· ESPN: 4 Star, Ranked 123rd overall nationally

· Rivals: 4 Star, Ranked 51st overall nationally

· Scout: 5 Star, second ranked lineman

· 247 Sports: 4 Star

Also considering: Alabama, A&M, Stanford, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa and UCLA.

Overview: Smith’s size and strength makes him one of the most coveted linemen in the country. He comes from a run-heavy offense, so he will have to develop his pass protection, but his physical prowess and menacing blocking skills would provide an immediate impact in the trenches.

While not a lock by any means, Smith really likes TCU and it’s where a lot of experts have him going.

TCU has really strong Kansas connections (if you went to TCU in the past ten or so years, you probably know someone from Olathe) and Smith’s sister is a Frog herself.

The Highlight Tape:

Future Frogs, The Committed:

Ty Barrett

Position: Offensive line

Height/Weight: 6’4", 310

High School: Dallas Skyline

Twitter: @TyBarrett


· ESPN: 3 Star, 79 grade

· Rivals: 3 Star

· Scout: 4 Stars, 18th offensive lineman overall

· 247 Sports: 3 Stars

Report: Barrett’s greatest attribute is his strength. But for a kid who’s over 300 pounds, he’s also pretty shifty. Most reports on Barrett highlight his extreme potential both talent and physicality wise and also mention that playing at a high level at Skyline makes for an easier transition at the higher level.

Some believe Barrett wouldn’t make an immediate impact, but if Barrett can put on the size he needs to this summer, don’t be shocked if he’s thrown in the trenches early.

Per his tweets, Barrett not only seems to love TCU and Chipotle (just wait till he tries Salsa Limon) but also wants to help get Braden Smith on the TCU train. Gotta love social media.

The Highlight Tape:

Foster Sawyer

Position: Quarterback

Height/Weight: 6’5, 210

High School: All Saints, Fort Worth

Twitter: @foster_sawyer


· ESPN: 4 Star, 14th ranked quarterback

· Rivals: 3 Star, 16th ranked quarterback

· Scout: 4 Star, 12th ranked quarterback

· 247 Sports: 3 Star


From ESPN: "Sawyer has lots of tools to mold and develop. Technical polish and refinement will enhance accuracy more consistently. He possesses BCS level tools, especially for a scheme that is multiple in nature. Needs reps from under center. Shows flashes of outstanding production, confidence and playmaking ability with his arm."

Everything I’ve ever heard about the hometown hero from All Saints friends is that he’s the real deal. Just looking at the kid on paper should tell you everything you need to know. Intangible-wise, as much as I loved the outlaw known as Pachall, it’ll be good thing to have a kid who seems like he’s more on the Andy Dalton spectrum.

With Sawyer coming in, we’re going to have one of the most interesting quarterback competitions in the country this summer. And though he deleted it a few minutes after, Sawyer seemed very, very pleased with the "Meacham hire" hire Tuesday night.

The Highlight Tape:

Bottom Line: I think Neal is a lock and will get his offer and make a great defensive player under the tutelage of the sensei, GMFP.

Iheanacho would be a major get, but I think the real key for Friday is Barrett, Sawyer, and Meacham getting Braden Smith sold on the Frogs. Sawyer played a key role in getting Barrett to side with the Frogs and could easily do the same with Smith. Having two brilliant linemen secured, as well as blue-chip quarterback, things could start looking really good.

Today is a big, big day for the Frogs and not playing the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl could actually benefit us this offseason.

It’s recruiting season. Don’t get scared now.

**Every rating system is based on a scale of 1-5 stars**