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Frogs O' War Weekend Picks: Championship Weekend

The FOW Staff comes together for one last Weekend Picks session.

Hawk and fleming will be along shortly to add their picks.

Baylor vs. Texas

Marshall Weber

Baylor 35, Texas 21

TCU wore down Baylor last week, but I really like how the Bears play in Waco. I don't think Robinson's defense is ready for Baylor's triple threat at running back either. Sorry Texas, no squeaking a Big 12 Championship this year.

Jamie Plunkett

Baylor 48, Texas 28

I think Baylor gets back to what they're best at on offense in this game, setting up the pass with a strong ground game. With NIU's loss, a big enough win here could catapult Baylor into a BCS at-large bid.

Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma

Marshall Weber

Oklahoma State 42, Oklahoma 17

Seriously, How did this Cowboys team lose to West Virginia? Gundy and company get it done with ease against their bitter rival and take the Big 12.

Jamie Plunkett

Oklahoma State 35, Oklahoma 32

This is Bedlam, so no matter which team is up, or which team is down, this one is going to be close. I think Oklahoma State pulls it out late to clinch the Big 12 Championship and a BCS bid.