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2013 NFL Draft Player Preview: TCU TE Corey Fuller

Corey Fuller was generally underutilized as a Horned Frog, but still has potential at the next level.

Justin K. Aller

We're getting back into the NFL Draft Player Previews after a week off for National Signing Day and TCU's insanely unexpected win over Kansas that made me question my existence.

Next up: Corey Fuller.

You may know him, you may not. If you don't, just look to the tight end that caught a touchdown pass from Brandon Carter off of a trick play against West Virginia.

That's him, and while he's had a quiet career at TCU, it's been a decent one. Fuller finishes his career with 11 catches for 145 yards receiving and a touchdown.

As any TCU fan knows, the tight ends don't have many opportunities to show off their receiving skills, due to the running nature of the offense as well as the deep receiving core over the past few seasons.

However, Fuller was a very good blocking tight end, and while he needs to work on his hands, his measurables infer that he's built for the next level.

Standing at 6'6" and weighing in at 255, his body size can be compared to guys like Jason Witten and John Phillips for the Dallas Cowboys, or Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots.

Projected Round: UFA

Possible Teams: Titans, Seahawks, Bears

Current NFL Player Comparison: John Phillips, Dallas Cowboys

I think it's safe to say that based on Fuller's stats in college, he won't be getting a phone call during the April draft, but he should be looked at by a lot of teams shortly thereafter. He'll end up in a camp somewhere, where he'll need to really show off how good of a blocker he is. If he could add, say, 30 pounds, he may even get a shot at guard somewhere.

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