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Frogs Got Robbed... Drop Game #1 at Ole Miss 1-0

TCU had the bases loaded with one out, but the game ended on a questionable call at second base where the runner, Davy Wright, was called for interference on his takeout slide.

Jantzen Witte batted fourth for the Frogs on Friday.
Jantzen Witte batted fourth for the Frogs on Friday.

Not much to say about this one... Brandon Finnegan pitched well, outside one inning of problems, and his relief Alex Young was as good as advertised, retiring all six batters he faced.

The TCU offense had some hard hit balls but couldn't get anything going against starter Bobby Wahl or any of the Ole Miss relievers.

This is the game where I was going to be ok with a loss, and although I am not happy about the way it ended I am ok with a couple things.

- Brandon Finnegan looked amazing, touching 97 at one point and sitting mostly 92-94 for most of the game. He had incredible control for most of the game and looked very confident on the mound.

- Alex Young was great, not throwing quite as hard as he had been but he was just as effective... Great, great stuff.

- Kyle Bacak was great behind the plate, I love how he frames pitches and hustles everywhere. Great, great stuff to see from him.

Tough loss no matter how you chop it, but a lot of questions were answered. Gotta get back at it tomorrow and find a way to get a win.