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Texas Longhorns @ TCU Horned Frogs Gamethread

The Horned Frogs host a Texas Longhorns squad looking for its first road Big 12 win of the season

The hopes of many a Frog fan are tattooed on those arms.
The hopes of many a Frog fan are tattooed on those arms.

The Frogs have a tall task ahead of them as they try to pick up their second win in the Big 12, as the Texas Longhorns head up north with the recently unsuspended Myck Kabongo in tow. Both teams are coming off deflating blowout losses, but the Iowa State team that was blowing out TCU had just lost in overtime to Texas the game before the Longhorns were pasted by the Kansas Jayhawks (who we own), so the past opponent comparison won't tell us much. However, we do have the last time these two teams played to fall back on for data, where Texas pulled away late in the first half and TCU was never really able to close the gap late. As usual, the Frogs will be trying to take the lead early and avoid trying to play catchup later, while also limiting possessions and generally uglying the game up as much as possible. Fun to watch? Not really, but it's the only way TCU will come out of this one with a win. Strap yourselves in, Frog fans, the Texas Longhorns are coming to town.

Go Frogs.