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I'm just trying to get a season opening win. F--- me, right?

2Balls1Cup recaps the Horned Frogs season opening series with Ole Miss and delivers metaphors so colorful they can only be partially cleaned up.

The face of TCU Baseball
The face of TCU Baseball
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE



Definitely not the way you want to start the season. Looking at the end of the tunnel, this series is going to hurt. Not because it a huge negative, but because it’s a huge missed opportunity. A big 0 for 3 against a top 25 team puts us behind the 8-ball going forward, as when the selection committee starts looking over resumes at the end of the year to pick those last few host sites, a big ole broom against Ole Miss isn’t going to do us any favors. This sweep sucks, but for all you doom and gloomers out there: put the razor blades away. This series won’t mean a damn thing if we play well the rest of the year as since we're playing in the Big 12 we’ll have plenty of opportunities to get wins over quality opponents.

Real quick, here are my thoughts on our play. And as a disclaimer I did not watch a single out. I’m relying on the Frogsowar play by play along with the box scores.


  • Tough loss.

  • Haven’t gotten a definite answer on the last call but sounds like we got royally screwed. NCAA rules state that you have to slide directly into the bag, not the side and not through the bag.

  • Finnegan could be an All-American if he keeps it up

  • Made solid contact, can’t help what happens after that.

  • Runners left on base: Ole Miss=2 TCU=8. Simple reason why we lost


  • I would like to see Suiter hit clean up with Odell hitting in the 5 spot. Put Witte in the 2 hole, his bat control is too good to waste anywhere else

  • We HAVE to score after a leadoff double. I think there were a couple times this weekend when we didn’t.

  • Morrison pretty much just took a Wagner tool full of crap straight to FungoFrog’s face this weekend. Let’s hope he continues it 1) because having 2 dominant starters are a premium 2) I get to think of more imaginative descriptions for when he proves Fungo wrong.


  • Mitchell…all I can say is disappointing.

  • Runners left on base: Ole Miss=1 TCU=9. Hmmm I’m starting to see a trend I don’t like


  • At this point who gives a shit, figuratively.

Honestly, we’re all down in the dumps. I can tell you that Schloss was probably pretty pissed off after Friday and Saturday. Stranding that many runners would be huge sticking point for him. Also I think we were up 2-1 going in to the bottom of the 8th. Not being able to close a game after being up though 7 innings is not a promising sign.

On the other end of the game, we have to have our starters go AT LEAST 5 innings. That is a minimum. Out of all the negatives from this weekend, that is my biggest frustration. We have to be able to rely on Crichton to keep us in games and close out series. Right now that is the biggest question I have going forward. I think Schloss should give him a short leash this Sunday against Cal State Fullerton and if it hits the fan put in Alex Young or Riley Ferrell as those 2 guys appeared to be as advertised in the limited action they saw.

That's about all I can give y'all without watching.

Looking forward to this week…

I am very scared. Cal State Fullerton, henceforth referred to as the “Cal State Community College for Extremely Talented Baseball Players”. Seriously though, we went from playing one collection of idiots to another, and these village idiots are just as talented at the game of baseball as our redneck friends to the east who just boat raced us. I think this weekend gets ugly and Cal State Community College for Extremely Talented Baseball Players wins the series 2 out of 3.

However... I’m not jumping off the boat yet. I just think we need a couple of weeks to figure out where everyone should be playing and let’s revisit on March 15th after a month of baseball and the start of conference play. I think we’ll be back on track by then. Until then pop a Xanax and lets all take a deep breath.

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