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Close, then not so close, then close: UT 68, TCU 59

The Frogs refused to go away in any part of the game, but in the end they couldn't pull it out over the visiting Longhorns.

I wish we could make three pointers like this man.
I wish we could make three pointers like this man.

We're getting better.

It's tough to think that as the losses continue to pile up for the Frogs, but TCU held tough in this game despite Texas giving them several opportunities in which they could have hung their heads and just given in to yet another blowout loss. Instead the Frogs weathered a fantastic start from the Longhorns, who seized momentum on their first possession and didn't slow down until the lead was 16-8 and they were hitting 6-8 from the floor. That's the kind of early game spurt that tends to bury this offensively challenged Frog team, but instead TCU hopped on the back of Garlon Green and Adrick McKinney who refused to let things get out of hand. Still, the lead was at 8 when we went to halftime and with UT's recently unsuspended point guard Myck Kabongo Kabongoing off (weak I know) it didn't look great. Then a surprise happened.

TCU didn't get buried coming out of the half. Instead the two teams traded runs, with the Texas lead never expanding past 11 and often dropping to five, six or seven. Still it seemed like the Frogs were gaining, and the Frogs finally caught up at 48 with 8:30 left. Then Adrick McKinney picked up his third foul and coach Johnson had to sit him. Things never went quite right after that, as without the offensive presence that McKinney gives the Frogs inside the possessions seemed to amount to a lot of passing around the outside of the Texas zone before taking a contested shot. Not winning basketball, and slowly the Frogs built the lead back to two, then three, then after yet more missed free throws from the frogs, five. The Horns were slowing down the game at this point, which is a stark contrast from how a TCU game usually goes, and though the Frogs continued to be game the horns kept the lead at five until there were two minutes left, before a long offensive possession by Texas was followed by a key offensive rebound and another clock milking 28 second possession that ground things down to a minute left in the game and suddenly there just wasn't time for TCU to make things close again. Turnovers on the next two TCU possessions followed as the Frogs impatience in making it to the basket was clear and the game was over. Disaster averted for the Longhorns, and TCU lost like everyone expected. Just not in the fashion that everyone expected.

Something good to take out of the game though is that the Frogs pressed things in transition when they had the opportunity more than I've seen them do it all year this year, which is a stark contrast from the ball massaging offense that we typically see from the Frogs as they try to ugly their way into a win. Being able to score easy points- or any points at all- will help as the Frogs head to Lawrence this week to attempt to pick up their first Big 12 road win. Fortunately we're playing the Kansas Jayhawks, the one team in the Big 12 that is worse than the Frogs.

. . .

What? We beat them, and we haven't beaten anyone else, they've got to be worse than we are. We own Kansas.


Go Frogs.