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Rock Bottom? TCU Falls Again, 6-2

Preston Morrison was rocky early, but settled down... Until the eighth when he got pulled, Ferrell came in, and gave up a slam... The offense did absolutely nothing, again.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

There is nothing to say, really.

The offense is totally absent, in every way. The pitching is still good, but not when your team can barely score even one run.

One run, apparently it IS too much to ask for one run.

Remember, things were rough to start 2012 too, all this means is that TCU has issues it needs to resolve. We don't play Hofstra and the School for the Blind to start the year, we play the best. Sometimes, if your team can't hack it, that backfires. Right now, we can't hack it.

But, next weekend it does get easier, there will be time to figure this out, but man, in the moment this is bad.