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DeMarquis Polite-Bray Signs with Texas Tech

A blow to the class of 2013 for TCU, wide receiver DeMarquis Polite-Bray has committed to Texas Tech.

Tom Pennington

Trey Haverty is doing work over in Lubbock, ya'll. And I can guarantee you that Gary Patterson is thinking of ways to poison his oatmeal right now.

The former wide receivers coach for TCU, now in the same capacity at Tech, is pulling robberies. First, it was Gary Moore, next, it's a kid from Georgia, possibly two.

Wide receiver DeMarquis Polite-Bray, a long time TCU lean, has switched and decided to go to Texas Tech.

Polite-Bray, as we discussed a few weeks ago, is another kid from Lithonia, Georgia.

This is a huge loss for TCU, but the one that could follow would be exponentially worse.

Josh Outlaw, a teammate of Polite-Bray's in high school, is expected to follow. That would be a devastating loss for the Frogs, who desperately need a good offensive lineman in this class.

Losing Outlaw would mean all TCU's eggs would be in Lloyd Tunstill's basket, a guy who has been more than happy to flirt with other schools, specifically Baylor and BYU, since committing to the Horned Frogs.