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TCU Loses to West Virginia, 63-50

The Frogs come crashing back down to reality after beating Kansas, losing handily to the Mountaineers.


Garlon Green didn't have nearly the game he did on Wednesday.

He only managed 3 points on 1-8 shooting, and spend most of the first half on the bench in foul trouble.

Connell Crossland had another solid game, scoring 13 points and pulling down 9 rebounds. Kyan Anderson added 16 points, but both players also had 3 turnovers, contributing to the 14 total the Frogs committed on the day.

At halftime, despite not having Green and committing 10 turnovers, TCU was only down 31-28, and things weren't looking horrible.

However, West Virginia pulled away in the second half, thanks to some devastatingly accurate three point shooting. The 'Eers were 7-10 from three point range on the evening, led by Terry Henderson and Eron Harris, who combined to go 5-7

Henderson and Harris couldn't miss from anywhere, it seemed, as they combined for 31 points. As a team, West Virginia shot 51.7% from the floor.

So now we go back to the way things were. It's a bummer, but it was to be expected.

Maybe they'll be able to pull out one or two more wins, against Texas or Texas Tech, but who really knows.