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Big 12 Tournament Round 1: TCU vs. Texas

The Horned Frogs take on the Longhorns for the third and final time this season, looking to continue their season at the expense of big brother Bevo.

Drink up and we'll get through this.
Drink up and we'll get through this.
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a long time since TCU and Texas were in the same conference tournament, hasn't it? Here we are though, the opening round of the Big 12 tournament and TCU's foe is a quite familiar one to the older TCU basketball fans (just me? Just me). The Texas Longhorns have been re-energized after the return of Sophomore star point guard Myck Kabongo and beat the Frogs in both of the regular season meetings. However, it's a new day and anything can happen in a one-and-done tournament situation. TCU's march to an unlikely Big 12 title could begin right here tonight, or it could just as easily end. High stakes situations call for high entertainment though, and as a result we're proud to present the Frogs O' War TCU Basketball drinking game!

One Drink
An announcer mentions that TCU never gives up despite a lack of talent
Garlon Green goes to the bench with foul trouble
The Frogs miss a free throw
An announcer comments that TCU's offense gets good looks, but can't make shots.
A clip of TCU beating Kansas is shown
Frogs dribble out the entire shot clock before chucking up a shot with 1-2 seconds left
A TCU fast break turns into no points.
Announcers spend two consecutive possessions talking about some other team/game instead of this one.

Two Drinks
Announcers spend more than three consecutive possessions talking about some other team/game instead of this one.
An announcer comments that Kyan Anderson and Devonta Abron are pieces that Trent Johnson can build around
An announcer comments that the frogs don't have the scoring ability to get out of a big deficit.
Devonta Abron scores and gets fouled, but misses the free throw

Finish your drink
Adrick McKinney goes 0-2 during a trip to the free throw line

Any more suggestions? Post them in the comments. Happy basketball at least one more time, everyone.

Go Frogs.