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Frogs O' War's Friday Mailbag

You ask questions, we answer them. Sort of.

We're trying something new here at Frogs O' War, which is incredibly dangerous as we're constantly teetering on the edge of destruction. One small move, one bitchy comment, and the whole damn thing may just go up in flames.

/deep breath.

Here we go.

Question #1 (from our Facebook page): Pachall or Boykin?

Pachall, as long as he does this:



and not this:



Seriously though, everything coming out of TCU and spring ball is that he's a totally different guy, who has the respect of his teammates and is on fire as far as on the field skills are concerned (and apparently he's catching back up in the weight room too). I like what Boykin has to offer as far as his legs go, but he needs another year to fine tune his passing game.

Question #2 (From 97FROG): What do you think about taking all the funding for TCU Basketball and funneling it into the baseball program? We could put double deck seats in the outfield and maybe get one of those helmet carts they used to use in MLB to bring the relief pitchers into the game from the bullpen. Procure a cotton candy machine (my kids always complain that there's no cotton candy at the baseball games), install a HD screen on the scoreboard and paint the tops of the dugouts (bare concrete is so blah). Maybe bring back Nolan Ryan as a coach and pay him more than $1/season. Oh, and bribe the NCAA to allow us (and ONLY us) to serve beer at the games.

As awesome as it would be to bring Major League to life at Lupton, I suggest you maybe give the basketball team another chance next year. If they suck though, we'll all be praying to Jobu by next January.

That being said, I vote we start taking up a collection to have a Frogs O' War sponsored party patio in the outfield. Just think of all the shenanigans we could do. Shenanigans we could have? Shenanigans we could have. No, it's do. Dammit someone help me out here.

Question #3 (also from Facebook): What in the world has happened to our baseball team?

I have no idea. If I had to put my finger on one thing, it would be the inconsistency of our bats. Until there's some sort of defined purpose at the plate, hitters will continue to struggle. No team in the Big 12 is going to walk us 1,000 times like Northwestern State did this week.

What I do know for sure though is if we create a baseball game drinking game (like Hawk so brilliantly did for basketball), I'm not going to survive the season (see above Animal House gif).

Question #4 (from Hawk): Who do you hate more, Baylor or SMU?

This is a really tough question to answer, because I really, really despise both schools. However, let's break things down.

With Baylor, there's at least some semblance of respeHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING LOLZ BAYLOR SUCKZ.

I hate them both equally, unequivocally, from the depths of my soul. I would be satisfied with 2-10 seasons forevermore in football if our two wins always came against BayLOL and Smoo.

I was down in Waco for the game this past year, and after Baylor scored their first touchdown, a buddy of mine texted me saying, "Welcome to the Big 12 where offense is king!"

Obviously after the game I sent his number to all of my buddies so they could harass him without mercy. Oh, and when the final whistle blew, I texted him saying, "Welcome to the Big 12, where offense is king."

As for SMU, there's a former Mustang football player in my office, and we had a bet going into this year's game: Loser has to wear gear of the opposing team the following Monday. The catch? I would have had to wear his uniform, full pads and helmet, for the entire day.

THANK GOD WE WON. He got to wear my Rose Bowl champs UnderArmor polo. He was, uhm, not pleased.


Question #5: Do you think this will be Patterson's last season as head coach? I know he's got very deep roots in FW, but the allure of coaching a school in the SEC, PAC 12 or Penn State has to appeal to him at some point.



Question #6: What is the biggest question mark on the 2013 football team right now?

This is a tough one to answer. It could be the starting quarterback, although it's becoming more and more clear that Pachall will be under center to start the season.

It could also be the linebackers. With A.J. Hilliard transferring to A&M back in January and losing Kenny Cain to graduation, the Frogs are pretty thin at that position. Behind Joel Hasley and Marcus Mallet you have Paul Dawson and Jonathan Anderson as the only other guys with game experience. Freshmen Sammy Douglas and Paul Whitmill could see some time too, along with Dac Shaw (if he makes it to campus).

You could also make an argument that the offensive line is the biggest question. With young tackles in Aviante Collins and Tayo Fabuluje getting a ton of game experience last season, they should be better adjusted to what the Big 12 has to offer defensively. The additions of James Dunbar and Lloyd Tunstill help add depth to the line, but it's still a little soft in the middle. Guys like Michael Thompson and John Woolridge will need to work extremely hard to replace Blaize Foltz and Jeremy Coleman.

In the end, I'm going to say the linebackers, simply because of the lack of depth and experience. The OL has questions, but the depth there is pretty good, despite the youth of some of those guys. However, we all saw how well youth can perform in this conference last season.


And there you have it. First mailbag done. Boom.

Jamie out.