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TCU Horned Frogs @ Texas Tech Red Raiders Gamethread

There aren't many games left in the season for our beloved basketfrogs, so Texas Tech is the best shot of the season at getting our first Big 12 road win.

Keep making threes, please.
Keep making threes, please.

There aren't many games left for TCU before the frogs take the floor in their debut Big 12 tourney, and there are even fewer games left on the schedule that any but the most optimistic frog fan would call winnable. In fact, there is just one (pre-tournament) game left for the frogs that is an eminently winnable game- today against Texas Tech. Earlier in the year the postgame threads started with "Opponent: Good at basketball, TCU: Not" as the Frogs racked up losses but today is a day when TCU plays another team not so good at basketball. This is our best chance at picking up a Big 12 road win in our first season and avoiding a sweep in both football and basketball to our rivals out in Lubbock. If you're going to watch a TCU game in the remainder of the season, I recommend it be this one. If the team stays out of fould trouble and stays in the game early we have a definite shot of winning this game.

Go Frogs.