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Where Do We Go Now?

FOW's resident former baseball player weighs in with his thoughts on the Frogs.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

After winning both mid-week games against Northwestern State, I'm sure there were some who were cautiously optimistic. We had just won a weekend series and had finally started scoring some runs winning 9-2 and 13-6 against the mighty Demons. Well the joke is on us.

Watching this team is like watching Kevin Bacon in Animal House. No matter how horrible they are, there's still that sliver of hope we can turn the season around. I'm not usually in to sadomasochism but I might try it out since I'm used to it by now.

All of that being said, I'm here to bring my insider knowledge of the program to you. Let me start by saying Schloss is a smart guy, I don't doubt his abilities to motivate and get the team ready. At this point in the season that is essentially his main job excluding managing the actual game. I've seen all sides of Schloss from the rip your head off after a loss to the "I'm not mad, I'm disappointed".

When I was there, we actually heard a couple congratulatory post-game speeches as well. I'm not sure this team has experienced those yet. As the Head Coach, you have to know when keep working within the system, and when to make heads roll. From the quotes I've heard, it seems he's playing the "I'm disappointed" card and sticking to the plan. I'm not going to question him there because I don't know this team, but it is certainly time to switch something up.

As you may have heard from our own FungoFrog breaking it earlier today, Andrew Mitchell has moved back in to the starting rotation. The weekend rotation will now be Morrison, Finnegan, and Mitchell.

When I heard rumor of this Sunday after the loss I was originally dismissive of it. The way I saw our problems was that our pitching was fine and not the main concern. I didn't think this sort of change would do anything.

After sleeping on it, I've gone 180 degrees.

1) Something needs to change. Why not try Mitchell? It certainly isn't going to hurt anything and we can't get any worse.
2) Since we can't hit, let's make it a game of who can score 4 runs first.

At this point in the season it's all hands on deck. There's no use saving an electric arm to close a game when you can't get to the 9th with a lead. Most likely I'll change my mind on this at least once more but for now, this move gets the 2balls1cup stamp of approval.

That stamp has yet to be used yet so hopefully we can look back and say it worked. For now let's focus on tonight's game against UTA, and dreadfully wait to be even more pessimistic this time next week.

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Go Frogs.