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Frogs O' War Friday Mailbag

Welp, week one went well, so let's try not to screw up this momentum.

WE DID IT! WE MADE IT TO A SECOND WEEK OF FRIDAY MAILBAG. This edition makes no promises on being of good quality.

Here we go:

Question #1: Does Harvard have a chance in Round 2? Who will bust a bracket today?

Arizona doesn't exactly seem like a world beater, but If you look at the Wildcat's losses, you'll realize that only one came against a team that didn't make the tournament (USC). So, I say Harvard has a 50/50 chance of reaching the Sweet 16. They did just beat a team that I had going to the Final Four.

As for teams that will bust a bracket on day 2, I present you with this:



Question #2: If Gary Patterson were to ever leave TCU, who is on your Top 5 head coach wish list?

  1. Nick Saban
  2. Urban Meyer
  3. Charlie Strong
  4. Will Muschamp
  5. Me

Question #3: Why do I suck so badly at picking college basketball brackets?

We all suck at picking college basketball brackets. Trust me. If someone says they're good at picking brackets, call them a liar as you kick them in the face.

Question #4: What role will Trevone Boykin play in 2013?

He'll be the backup quarterback. Patterson said in an interview yesterday that Boykin has only been working out at QB.

Question #4.5: Pachall is already a senior??

Yup. I iz sad.

Question #5: How badass would it be to have a football field like this?

It would be the opposite of badass. I would formally petition that we change our mascot to the douchebags if this came to fruition.

Question #6: Will our baseball team miss the postseason?



Hell I don't know. If we win two against Oklahoma this weekend, I say yes. If not, no.