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TCU Horned Frogs @ Kansas State Wildcats Gamethread

The TCU Horned Frogs hit the road for the last time this season to attempt to knock off the #9 Kansas State Wildcats.

He's just hoping we score in the first five minutes of this one.
He's just hoping we score in the first five minutes of this one.
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

TCU's debut season in the Big 12 is drawing to a merciful end with just two games remaining in the regular season, but the Frogs are still hoping to collect their second conference win. The odds of it happening tonight are quite slim, as the Kansas State Wildcats are a team looking to state their case for a two-seed in the NCAA tournament, while TCU would need to win both of its remaining games and have Tech lose its finale to avoid drawing a ten-seed... in the Big 12 tournament. For the Frogs to be in this one they need to have a start like they did against Tech rather than one that mirrors their start from the last road trip to a university in Kansas (which didn't start well and ended even worse), but that's a lot easier against a Tech team that plays in a mostly empty arena than against a Kansas State team that is 16-1 at home this year. Especially key for this game will be the early play of point guard Kyan Anderson, as the raucous crowd at KU really threw him off his game and the K-State crowd will be of similar volume and intensity (though they probably won't be as cruel if the game is going their way, after all we did hand them half of the Big 12 title). Stick in it early, don't get embarrassed and feed Devonta Abron- let's see what happens.

Go Frogs.