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Kyan Anderson is Awesome, K-State is better: Frogs lose 79-68

The Frogs battled hard in Manhattan, but couldn't quite dig themselves out of their first half hole.

No photos yet, so here's Kyan Anderson flying
No photos yet, so here's Kyan Anderson flying

A recap of this game can only start in one place: Cheers to Kyan Anderson for an amazing performance. They will almost always give player of the game to a player on the winning team, but Anderson had without a doubt the best game of anyone on the floor tonight. TCU got pantsed by the Wildcats offense in the first half to go along with the customary offensive struggles, but Kyan Anderson kept the Frogs in the game in the first half to the point where he was the only frog who had made a basket through the first 12 minutes of the game. Still, Anderson started 4 of 5 from three and contributed an incredibly rare six point possession with the help of Devonta Abron which was enough to make the lead at the half not seem insurmountable if the rest of the Frogs turned up to play in half #2.

And turn up they did. The Frogs switch to a 2-3 zone paid off major dividends to start the second half, as quick hands forced turnovers that led to an 8-0 run, and TCU kept the game within striking distance for over twelve minutes of the second half, often cutting the lead to seven and on a few instances five. Still, it was senior day for K-State and the wildcats finally solved the zone by shooting over it, hitting back to back threes after TCU cut the lead to four to push it back out to ten and the Frogs were not able to get closer. Still, TCU outrebounded the wildcats and put together a very respectable offensive performance against the top defensive team in the conference. The frogs collected 11 offensive rebounds to fuel second chance points and they even shot reasonably well from the free throw line, going 16 of 22 (dragged down a bit by an uncharacteristically bad night from Devonta Abron, who had been our most reliable FT shooter the past few games). It's a game that even though we lost we should feel good that we were in, especially given the woeful performance of the team the last time we traveled into the state of Kansas. Frankly I would say that the second half was the frogs best offensive half of the season so far. Let's keep up the intensity and give Oklahoma a game they won't forget guys.

Go Frogs.