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Around the Diamond: Week 3 in the Big 12

TCU, Texas trend down, Kansas State, Baylor up.


Well, pathetic performances by TCU and Texas this weekend drop them like rocks, while Kansas State is asserting itself as one of the top teams early on in the season.

Let's jump right in, before I throw up.

1. #17 Oklahoma (11-2). This week (2-2).

Def: Pepperdine 10-7, 8-1

Lost: Pepperdine 7-2; UT-Arlington 6-1.

Taking two of three against Pepperdine was nice, but the loss to UTA on Tuesday is kind of disappointing. However, OU still finds themselves in very good position as they head into the last week before conference play.

2. Oklahoma State (10-2). This week (3-1).

Def: UC Davis 4-2, 10-4; Missouri State 5-4 (10)

Lost: UC Davis 4-3.

Oklahoma State probably feels like it should still be undefeated at home, but two runs by UC Davis in the ninth inning on Sunday snapped the Pokes' seven game winning streak. A ten inning win over Missouri State on Tuesday got the Cowboys back on track.

3. Kansas State (8-3). This week (5-0).

Def: Oakland 4-2, 9-2, 13-3; Niagara 10-2, 10-1

The Wildcats made quick work of their opponents this week, outscoring Oakland and Niagra by a total of 46-10. Sophomore pitcher Nate Williams started the weekend off right, throwing 5.2 innings of no-hitter on Friday en route to a win.

4. Texas (7-5). This week (1-3).

Def: UT-Pan Am 6-1.

Lost: #13 Stanford 2-0, 7-2, 2-1

Losing to Stanford ace Mark Appel is nothing to be ashamed about, but Longhorn fans had to hope they'd get at least one of the next two. Alas, it wasn't to be. A win against UT-Pan Am breaks the four game losing streak, but with the way the Horns have been playing, the next string of L's could be on the horizon.

Next Week: March 8-10 vs. UC Santa Barbara; March 12 vs. Oral Roberts

5. Texas Tech (8-6). This week (3-2).

Def: La Salle 3-0, 7-0; #16 Arizona 5-2

Lost: La Salle 6-5 (12); #16 Arizona 6-2

Texas Tech dropped a bummer of a game to La Salle, but more than made up for it by splitting a two game series with Arizona. Beating Arizona shows me that Tech actually has a little game.

Next Week: March 8-10 vs. UT Arlington; March 12-13 vs. Utah Valley

6. Kansas (6-5). This week (2-2).

Def: Eastern Michigan 5-4 (10), 8-0

Lost: Eastern Michigan 6-4, 11-6

Kansas allowed Eastern Michigan to walk away with wins number 2 and 3 on the year. That's not a good sign with one week to go until conference play.

Next Week: March 7-10 vs. Niagara; March 13 vs. Jackson State

7. Baylor (7-6). This week (3-1).

Def: California 9-0; Rice 9-2; Louisiana Tech 4-2, 5-4

Lost: Houston 15-4 (7)

The Bears looked good for the majority of the weekend, but a blowout loss to Houston really put a damper on things. They're improving, but they've still got a ways to go. Fortunately for them, they've got a rematch with the Cougs next Tuesday.

Net Week: March 8-9 vs. Illinois; March 12 vs. Houston

8. West Virginia (5-6). This week (2-2).

Def: UMBC 4-0; Eastern Kentucky 2-1

Lost: Indiana 8-5; Florida Atlantic 6-5

The Mountaineers continue to stave off the Frogs for the bottom spot in the conference.

Next Week: March 7 vs. Bowling Green; March 8 vs. Central Michigan; March 9 vs. Maine; March 10 vs. Iowa; March 12 @ Pitt

9. TCU (3-8). This week (2-2).

Def: Jacksonville 10-0, 13-0

Lost: Jacksonville 5-3; Arkansas Pine Bluff 6-4

Finally win a series against a decent Jacksonville team just to TOTALLY SHIT THE BED against Arkansas Pine Bluff. Arkansas Pine Bluff.


Next Week: March 8-10 vs. Pacific; March 12-13 vs. Northwestern State

Power Rankings

1. Oklahoma

2. Kansas State

3. Oklahoma State

4. Texas Tech

5. Texas

6. Baylor

7. Kansas

8. West Virginia

111111. TCU