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(UPDATED) Join The FOW Fantasy Baseball League!

Join the FOW Fantasy Baseball League... It's free, you can't win anything, but yea you should play.



- Draft is Monday night at 8:00pm CST, please be there or make sure to set yourself to autopick before the draft.

- We still have a few open spots in the league, if you know anybody who wants to play please let me know.

- If we can't fill the spots, we will trim the league down to eight teams.

League Platform: ESPN

Total Teams In League: 12

League Type: H2H Points, Snake Draft

Date of Draft: Monday March 11th, 2013 at 8:00pm CST (9:00pm EST)

Link: Click Here

How To Join: Invitation Only

I love fantasy baseball, don't you?

Join the official FOW Fantasy Baseball League!

How? Just type your email address in the comments, or email me (