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Basketball Regular Season Finale Gamethread: Vs. Oklahoma

It's the home finale, senior day and a chance to give TCU basketball fans something to feel good about this offseason other than Kansas. Let's do this.

It's senior day at Daniel Meyer, so let's start off by thanking the seniors on this team. This year didn't go anything near like the one that we were hoping for, but as the announcers so frequently point out, this team doesn't quit in any phase of the game. We have our seniors to thank for that, as well as for the lasting memory of this season, the triumphant thumping of Kansas and celebrating on the court. Adrick McKinney, Nate Butler Lind, Connell Crossland and Garlon Green- thank you for your contributions to the program and your unrelenting effort. I hope that the program grows from this season, but you will be always be remembered as TCU's first Big 12 senior class. I hope that you can make one more glorious memory today and the student section can give you an ovation when you check out of the game for the last time.

Go Frogs!