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Frogs confuse everyone: TCU 3, Ok State 2

The Frogs pull out their first series win over a ranked opponent, using of all things clutch hitting.

Wins get Cheerleaders
Wins get Cheerleaders
Jamie Squire

Down by two in the bottom of the ninth. If you've followed TCU baseball this season, no doubt you'd expect the Frogs to go quietly 1-2-3 and take the L. There's simply been no evidence that's shown that TCU is capable of mounting a major rally, or of picking up timely hits all year.

Until today. Jantzen Witte stopped an 11 straight batters retired streak by the Cowboys with a single and was joined on base by Kevin Cron. A fielding error by the Cowboys, an intentional walk and suddenly Brett Johnson pinched in to take a 3-2 pitch to deep center scoring three. And TCU wins.

This is by far the most confounding TCU team I've ever watched, and the odds of them actually doing anything substantial the rest of the season are slim, but this weekend they knocked off a top 25 opponent. It's a start.

Go frogs.