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Texas Tech Is Set To Hire TCU Assistant Basketball Coach Pooh Williams Away From The Frogs

Pooh Williams joined TCU last off season with then new head coach, Trent Johnson.


This, according to the DMN (by way of, the Tech Rivals site):

Tubby Smith's basketball staff is starting to take shape. Chris Level is reporting Texas Tech will officially hire TCU assistant coach Alivin ‘Pooh' Williamson in the near future and Williamson is currently in Lubbock.

Williamson, 39, played for Smith when Smith was the head coach at Tulsa in the early 1990s.

From there, Williamson was an assistant coach at Tulsa and rose to interim-head coach during the 2004 season. He went on to be an assistant coach at Wichita State under Mike Turgeon and followed Turgeon to Texas A&M. After Turgeon left for Maryland, he joined SMU and then joined the TCU staff last year after Matt Doherty was fired by SMU in 2012.

It's safe to assume Williamson will aid Smith in recruiting the State of Texas and surrounding areas based on past work experience.

Aaron Dickens of reported TCU has not confirmed or denied Williamson is still on the Horned Frogs' staff.

Pooh is a good recruiter, and was a bit steal for TCU away from SMU last year. We shall see how TJ responds...