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Baby Steps

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd exhale....

TCU Athletics

There we go. That’s all we were asking for out of these guys, one series win. Look we all know this team has had it’s struggles. I’ll be the first to admit that maybe I was being a little harsh and emotional like my Ex after I asked her to make me a sandwich (which was below average anyways). I digress. The Frogs have been in a downward tail spin with zero confidence, and plenty of finger pointing.

We all have our own opinions on whose fault it is. It isn’t my place to say. However I do see a silver lining. All we needed was a little boost, a pick me up. A slump-buster if you will.

And the best slump-buster of all…

…the Tech Tards.

I know we all hate SMU and Baylor as our rivals, but Tech holds a special place in my heart. There is nothing sweeter than beating those mouth breathing, UT rejects in any activity. That includes the always entertaining Under Water Basket Weaving.

Let’s use this brief ray of sunlight on our season to plant some seeds and get them growing. We’ve taken a step forward with our first Big 12 series win, now let’s keep it going.

Two games at UT Pan Am SHOULD be two wins. All I’m asking for is another series victory over SAN FRANCISCO UNIVERSITY!!!! Is that too much to ask for??

I know the team has used a sports psychologist in the past, I’m not sure about it this year but I would bet on it. Now you may be like me and you think that kind of stuff is just pure non-sense, Schloss LOVES it. He eats that shit up like a crack head does $20 bills. All that goofy shit on the walls of the dugout with "next 200 feet" and stuff is from the sports psychologist.

Next 200 feet is supposed to remind you to forget about everyone going on and focus on the next pitch. Forget about the last strikeout you had, the error last inning, your mid-terms, your anime loving roommate, and just focus on the next pitch. It’s supposed to represent the 200 feet a car’s headlights can shine, and at any given moment they only light up the 200 feet in front of you. It’s a great analogy for those too dumb to not think about tentacle porn during an AB.

Our team needs to quit thinking about how disgusting tentacle porn is, AKA our HORRIBLE SEASON, and start focusing on the next 200 feet. The next game. The next at bat. The next pitch.

For purposes of my weekly article, the need to focus on this week ahead. Let’s take care of this week and move on from there.

Go Frogs.