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Crystal Ballin': Southeastern Louisiana State University

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Returning waterboy Bobby Boucher Jr. leads the Muddogs, who are pretty terrible, with the possible exception of their amazing linebacker and savant head coach.




The Muddogs, coming off a 7-5 season and Bourbon Bowl victory, are a bit of a mystery for 2013. The team is still terribly mediocre, but All-Everything linebacker Boucher still roams the defensive backfield, so you have to assume the Muddogs could be a challenge.

Frankly, I am slightly conscerned about the matchup of Boucher vs. our offensive line... Did you see what he did vs. Meaney and the University of Louisiana Cougars? I really don't think Fabuloje has much of a chance. Here are some highlights form Boucher's sophomore campaign:

TCU will have to be at its best to win this one, no doubt.