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Crystal Ballin': Southeastern Louisiana State University

Returning waterboy Bobby Boucher Jr. leads the Muddogs, who are pretty terrible, with the possible exception of their amazing linebacker and savant head coach.




The Muddogs, coming off a 7-5 season and Bourbon Bowl victory, are a bit of a mystery for 2013. The team is still terribly mediocre, but All-Everything linebacker Boucher still roams the defensive backfield, so you have to assume the Muddogs could be a challenge.

Frankly, I am slightly conscerned about the matchup of Boucher vs. our offensive line... Did you see what he did vs. Meaney and the University of Louisiana Cougars? I really don't think Fabuloje has much of a chance. Here are some highlights form Boucher's sophomore campaign:

TCU will have to be at its best to win this one, no doubt.