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Josh Boyce, Stansly Maponga taken in NFL Draft

The former Frogs both found new homes, one in Boston, one in Atlanta.

Tom Pennington

Two TCU stalwarts for the last few years are now official members of NFL teams.

Josh Boyce, who impressed a lot of people at the NFL Combine, went in the fourth round Saturday to the New England Patriots, who were in desperate need of another wide receiver.

Boyce ran a 4.38 40 at the combine and benched 22 reps of 225 and projects to be an outside receiver for Tom Brady.

I'm really pumped for Boyce. He gets to play with arguably the best quarterback in the NFL, and there really aren't any obstacles to early playing time. The Patriots were very thin at receiver last year, and Boyce, along with Marshall draftee Aaron Dobson, both will most likely see the field early and often.

As for Stansly Maponga, the defensive end heard his name called in the 5th round after the Atlanta Falcons moved up ten spots to get him. Maponga left school early, citing the opportunity to provide for his family as the main reason.

Boyce also left early, but unlike Maponga, Boyce has his degree.

So pumped for both of them!