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Better win the Tournament: KSU 2, TCU 1

Brandon Finnegan doesn't get the winnegan, despite another excellent performance.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

One earned run in eight innings and Brandon Finnegan ends up with another loss. The vaunted K-State offense didn't find much to hit in Finnegan's performance, but still ended up collecting the win after TCU decided to only try putting up all their runs of the game in the first inning- which can work if you're the Texas Rangers, but isn't a good strategy if you're TCU. In another "this could only happen to Finnegan" moment, TCU actually outhit K-State 8-5, but couldn't get more than one man around the bases.

TCU falls to 19-23 overall and 7-10 in Big 12 play, and it's quite clear that only winning the Big 12 tournament will preserve TCU's postseason streak. It's a darn shame too, as with TCU's pitching staff this team could do well on the national stage if it got even average offensive output.