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Looking through the Crystal Ball: Texas Tech

Taking a way-too-early look at our Red Raider opponents.


Three overtimes and a bitter taste in our mouths, that's what Frog fans remember about last year's loss to Texas Tech. It was horrible, with several offensive pass interference calls going uncalled, and a doomed overtime that led to a field goal instead of a touchdown.

Now, the Frogs have a chance at redemption. Thursday, September 12, in Lubbock, Texas.

Texas Tech has a new coach, a new offense and a new quarterback, all of which bodes well for a seasoned Horned Frog secondary that loves to feast on bad passes.

Tuberville fled to Cincinnati in strange fashion, clearing the way for the golden child, Kliff Kingsbury, to come home. He's assembled a bro staff of all his bros (including former TCU wide receivers coach, and K.K. bro Trey Haverty) to come bro out in Lubbock (a.k.a. bro-ville).

They bro so hard other coaching staffs want to vomit. An unfortunate side effect of the bro-domy, however, is that it's actually quite attractive to recruits, who are looking for cool, young coaches who "get them."

That's neither here nor there for the moment though, so I digress.

The Red Raiders return a few offensive weapons, including running back Kenny Williams and tight end Jace Amaro. Amaro missed the TCU game last year with an injury, and Williams was limited, getting only six carries.

Quarterback Michael Brewer has talent, there's no denying it, but the question is how he'll handle an established, dominant secondary like TCU's. Not well, if I had to guess.

Tech's defense surprised everyone last year, posting great numbers through the first half of the season. However, once the competition ratcheted up a notch, the defense caved a little. Depending on the reconstruction of the offensive line and who is taking snaps for the Frogs, this game has the potential to be a little lopsided.

I think the Frogs win this one going away. Patterson will place the chip squarely on the shoulder for this one.

If you want to watch last year's game again, here it is: