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Back to the Big leagues?: Frogs pound UTPA 10-0

A game where TCU not only pitched well, but hit just as well? That's new.

High fives all round!
High fives all round!
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

So away from the big dogs of the Big 12 TCU may actually be finding its rhythm, crawling their way back up toward .500 and salvaging this awful season. Stefan Crichton threw six innings of shutout ball, allowing only four bronco batters to reach base and never more than one per inning. On the other side of the mound the frogs actually put together a nice performance opposite a solid pitching game, something which has been sadly lacking for the frogs this season. In the two game series the frogs put up a total of 19 runs, just two weeks removed from the dreadful offense of the OU series. What does this mean for the Frogs? Not much in and of itself, as the Broncos are a bad team in a bad league, but it could mean that the TCU bats are finally starting to come around. When your bats are hot it's good to play a lot of games before they have a chance to cool down, and TCU is facing a stretch with no more than three days between games until the K-state series at the end of the month. Hopefully at the end of the season we can say this was the turning point for the offense, but in the meantime we'll just get ready for San Francisco and hope we come out of the weekend back at .500.

Go Frogs.