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TCU Suspends Devonte Fields for the First Two Games of the 2013 Football Season

Gary Patterson announced today that he has suspended sophomore defensive end Devonte Fields for the first two games of the 2013 season for a violation of team and university rules.



To get suspended for LSU?


Gary Patterson had this to say about Fields earlier in the spring:

"He's not had as good a spring as we would have liked him to have had," Patterson told in a recent interview. "You just expect him to get better and faster, but if I tell you all the things, then everybody knows about him. The biggest thing is sometimes you don't think you have to work as hard and come back and do some things, so getting him back on the level of why he was the player that he was."

"The thing you've got to be worried about with freshmen, is they think they get that year over with and now everything's easy. Well, it actually becomes harder," Patterson said. "People call it the sophomore jinx, so for us, we're really pushing through and making them understand. I think a lot of them are going through that, including Devonte Fields."

"The reason was he was talented, but he played so hard. When you come back, you have to make sure you still do that every day. We don't feel like we got that as much so far this spring as much as we need to,"