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Crystal-Ballin': Kansas State Wildcats

Remember that Colin Klein guy? God he was awful.


Kansas State, Big 12 champions a year ago, are facing the prospects of replacing their quarterback while trying to open a newly renovated stadium. Moreover, they are dealing with the expectations that come with prolongued excelence.

Not many are picking K-State to do much in the Big 12 due to the change of their signal caller, rightly so.

But, let me just ask you... Just as Gary Patterson can easily replace Jerry Hughes with Devonte Fields and not miss a beat, could that old fart up in Manhattan not do the same when replacing truly awful quarterback Colin Klein?

I mean it, he was bad... Inside the system, he was amazing. So, imagine what happens when they replace him with somebody who is actually athletic.

Anyways, watch the film, remember the game, and look towards the future.