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Spring Football Look-Ahead: The Quarterbacks

The spring was all about the return of Pachall, as it should be, and Gary is keeping quiet about who his starter will be come this fall... But, when you look at the numbers, the answer seems clear.


Casey Pachall 2011 (Last Full Season) 228 343 2921 25 7 158
Trevone Boykin 2012 (9 Games, +4 Projected) 241 422 2967 22 14 126

The curious case of quarterbacks continued throughout the spring to no end, we still do not know who will quarterback the Horned Frogs in 2013.

But, what I do think we can say two things with a fair amount of certainty:

1) Both quarterbacks will play
2) Casey will get the first shot at the #1 job

From a simple numbers perspective, Pachall was better in his one full season than Boykin was in 2012. If you take Boykin's averages last year and project them out over the four games he didn't play/hardly played, he still lacked the accuracy and expert decision-making that has become the hallmark of Casey's career. While the added yards on the ground are an asset, Pachall offers you something Boykin hasn't shown: Finesse in the pocket, medium and short range accuracy/efficiency, and consistent play over a full season.

Don't get me wrong: Boykin, I believe, COULD be a championship level quarterback.

But he wasn't in 2012, and he has a fair amount of growth left before he gets there.

Pachall was just slightly below championship quality in 2011. If he can take that, build off his awesome results to start 2012 (10 TDs, 1 INT through four games), and get the team behind him in 2013, I think we might just have a winner on campus.

I, for one, don't believe this team could win a Big 12 Championship with Boykin as a QB, let alone compete for a National Championship.

So given their numbers and on-the-field results, you have to assume that despite what Gary may tell the media, Pachall is, in fact, the #1 QB for TCU and will be leading this team in 2013. Sure, depth is a good thing, and I hope that both men play substantially in 2013, in the right roles of course... But, I don't like two-quarterback systems. TCU knows it needs one man behind center for at least 80% of the plays to be successful, so let's hope they make the right call in the end.