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Notes From The KC Coaches Event

Chris Del Conte, John Denton, Gary Patterson, Jeff Mittie, and Karen Monez took to the preverbal stage to discuss all things TCU.


The group was mostly tight-lipped, but there were some significant notes:

- TCU has received two more major gifts, to be announced soon, that will go towards the DMC renovation. CDC doesn't think there is any chance they won't have the money in hand by their deadline of November.

- Casey Pachall is poised to be the starter, but he has to take what he did this spring and extend that all the way to the fall.

- Tyler Matthews is, right now, where Boykin was at this point last year.

- The Big 12 was, at one point, considering adding Rutgers and Louisville and moving the basketball conference tournament to New York.

- An attendee asked if Gary Patterson agreed with Coach Bill Snyder's recent acertion that money in college football is out of control and that, if he had just joined the sport as a coach, he wouldn't accept the money or go into coaching at all. Gary Patterson's response: "Well... It's really easy to say that when you've been a head coach for 50 years..."

Gary went on to compliment Snyder and walk the comments back, but said candidly that he disagreed with Snyder on a number of things, including this.

- Coach Jeff Mittie is reruiting bigger girls to help him contend in the Big 12, but says his incoming PG from Houston is the key to success next year.

- Karen Monez has one incoming recruit from Singapore who has only been to the US once, and never to Texas... She hopes to compete in an international competition this fall... in Tehran, Iran.

- The dinner was pasta, it was OK.