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Crystal Ballin': Oklahoma Sooners

The Horned Frogs lost a close one to the Sooners in 2012, 2013 looks to be a competitive matchup once again, this time in Sooner-Ville.

Wesley Hitt

I am really super busy right now, sooooo all you get is last year's game film. But, watch it, learn from it, and then read the below articles about OU Football and edumacate yourselves. Once you have, comment below on how badly we might woop the Sooners this year.

2013 Oklahoma Sooners: What We Know Heading Into Summer
The 2013 NFL Draft has come and gone, the Oklahoma Sooners showcased their new young players to Sooners’ faithful at the Red-White game, and now football will remain dormant until fall practices start in three long, agonizing months. With the lull in football action upon us, here is a look at what we learned, both from the spring practices and from the names that left the team to make their mark in the NFL.

OU's Bell growing up to win Sooner QB job - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
During a simulated scrimmage in Oklahoma's first practice of the spring in full pads, Blake Bell used his BellDozing legs to escape the pocket, but the right-hander was rolling to his left to escape the rush.

Make Or Break: Eyeing The 2013 Oklahoma Sooners Football Schedule - Crimson And Cream Machine
Championship dreams are birthed every night as players hope to lift the crystal ball in Pasadena, California at the Rose Bowl. One of the more important items on the list to reach the goal, at least in recent years, has been strength of schedule.

Oklahoma Sooners spring wrap - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
The Sooners might have lost leading receivers Kenny Stills and Justin Brown, but there’s plenty of firepower back to support whoever wins the starting quarterback job.

Oklahoma Sooners Football: Predicting The Preseason Ranking - Crimson And Cream Machine
It's always fun to predict how the season will go for every team across the nation as hopes ride high. However, it is equally challenging as many questions are left unanswered. With Spring Football behind us, here is my humble attempt at predicting where the Sooners will land.